Women Empowerment Cell

Tantia University, Sri Ganganagar


The objective of such a cell is to provide a streamlined, positive and uniform way of dealing with cases of harassment against any woman either student or employees. It aims to make all employees aware of the preventive measures and forewarns them to detest from undue actions.

  • PROPAGATION OF INFORMATION: The cell will disseminates information of sexual harassment and violence at the work place through the production, distribution of printed materials, posters and handouts.
  • CONSCIOUSNESS-RAISING WORKSHOPS:The cell will conducts effective programs about sexual harassment for faculty, non teaching staff and students to develop nonthreatening and non-intimidating atmosphere of mutual learning.
  • COUNSELING: The cell will also conduct the activities like elocution competition, etc to create awareness also to conduct confidential counseling services to provide a safe space to speak about the incident and how it has affected them.
  • GUEST/EXTENSION LECTURES: The cell will also organize lectures of eminent personalities from NGOs, civil authorities, academicians and experts working in the concerned field from time to time.